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Top 5 Cat and Dog Safe Plants

Andrea Loudon


Back when I was living in New York I was in desperate need of some greenery in my shoeboxed sized apartment. The catch was I had recently adopted a kitty friend from the SPCA. My baby came first so I was very hesitant to put just any plant in her zone. I have come up with my favorite stylish plants that are safe for any precious furball. The SPCA gives a great list on there site of over 500 plants that are cat and dog safe. I highly recommend that pet owners take a look at the list if there are any plants currently in your home that you’re not sure of. Below I have narrowed it down to my personal top five off that list. Hope you enjoy my selection and some simple care instructions!  

  • Watermelon Pepreromia

  • First on the list is the lovely Watermelon Pepreromia. I'm digging the tropical minimalist vibes this plant gives plus it makes such a statement in a chic white pot. Watermelon Peperomia originates from South America and grows around 6-12 inches tall. They prefer a bright room with indirect sunlight. When the soil is completely dry to the touch, water thoroughly.

    1.  Areca Palm

    Again with the tropical vibes, you are going to feel some island zen sitting next to this beauty. The Areca Palm (also known as the Bamboo Palm or the Golden Cane Palm) is an easy indoor palm to start with. This plant grows about 6-7 feet tall. When caring for Areca allow the soil be almost totally dry between waterings. Make sure to keep the Areca in a larger pot with a drain hole at the bottom. In addition, filtered light near a window is preferred for this fellow.

    1. Hen and Chicks Succulent

    Succulents, Succulents! These plants are so hot right now! It's easy to see why, with their low maintenance conditions they do great in most any environment. You can put these sweet little guys in sun or shade with some cactus soil. Make sure to water once a week!

    1. Spider Plant

    Not only is this plant a statement piece it also works hard to filter your air. I love to put this guy on a shelf and let the leaves dangle against a white wall. Mister Spider needs to dry out between waterings and prefers to be near a window or some sunlight. Don’t get crazy with the light or you will fry the dainty spider legs.  

    1. Boston Fern

    Last but certainly not least this plant works an air humidifier. It is said to be the number one plant for air purifying. Not only is this plant great for your environment, it's super groovy too! In the sixties and seventies you wouldn’t find a house that didn’t have one. I like to hang mine in the bathroom near the shower, I find they enjoy the mist and also make me feel like I’m showering in the rainforest. They prefer a cool place with high humidity and indirect sunlight.

    That does it for my top pet friendly plant choices! Hope my list was helpful for everyone and their favorite furry friend! Happy plant hunting!